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Important Notes for the Undergraduate Bursary Programme

  • Students may apply ONCE PER ACADEMIC TERM, i.e. once during the Fall term (September-December), once during the Winter term (January-April), and once during the Summer term (May-August). Indicate your academic and living expenses for the term in which you are applying. However, please indicate your resources, especially student loan amounts and bank loan amounts, for the FULL STUDY PERIOD. If you are applying in the fall or winter terms, the bursary program will make the necessary calculations to determine your resources for the term in which you are applying. Once you have printed the completed application, you can make necessary changes in red pen or attach a letter to explain unusual situations.

  • Transition Year Program Students - Bursaries for TYP students are now administered by the TYP Office. To apply for a TYP bursary, please contact:
    Transition Year Program Office
    1400 LeMarchant Street
    Halifax, N.S.
    B3H 3P9
    Phone (902) 494-3730

  • Visiting Students are not eligible to apply for Dalhousie Undergraduate Bursaries.
  • Academic Probation - you must be in "good standing" with the University to receive a bursary. Students on"academic probation" are not normally eligible.
Please read the Policy Document before continuing.

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