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Declare a major or minor

For Honours Programs, please submit an Honours Application.
Community Design Honours students, see Planning Advisor.
To declare Music as your primary major, please contact the Music department to arrange an audition.
To switch degrees, e.g. Bachelor of Science to Bachelor of Arts, submit an Admissions Application.

Student ID
First Name
Last Name
Program 20 Credit (4 year)
20 Credit Double Major (4 year)
15 Credit (3 year)
Co-op NO
(or 15 credit concentration for BA/BSc started before summer 2013)
BA/BSc 15 credit with a minor - please choose required minor below
2nd Major
(For Double Major Only)

Optional for 20 Credit
Required for 15 Credit (BA or BSc)
Second Minor

Optional for 20 Credit
20 Credit BA and BSc students looking to add additional minors can email